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Personal Risk

Your plan for the risks ahead.

Let's collaborate to protect your home, your vehicles and the things that are most important to you. We'll bring clarity and you'll finally feel in control.

Each client has a unique story. Why do you buy insurance? What keeps you up at night? What are you most afraid won’t be properly covered? Which features will provide you with peace of mind? You deserve a risk management plan crafted to suit your needs and preferences.

Your plan shouldn’t leave you with gaps you can’t afford or spend dollars on superfluous coverage. There’s a difference between cost and value. We invite you to contact us to continue the conversation.


Make your home as secure as possible.

As your biggest investment, protecting it is not a simplistic transaction. Expert guidance matters when determining the rebuilding costs of your home, what it would cost to replace all of your belongings, and how best to protect your assets from liability lawsuits. A number chosen haphazardly could spell disaster. A perfect fit takes some work and it is important to customize your policy with relevant endorsements, options and coverage amounts. We help you evaluate all of the moving pieces and find the perfect fit for your home, apartment, condo or rental property and the people and pets that live there.


What moves you?

Cars, trucks, motorcycles, scooters, ATVs, if it rolls we’ve got a plan that fits. Insuring your vehicle against damages and theft and picking comfortable deductibles, though important, are only half of the equation. Great emphasis needs to be placed on properly protecting your drivers and those you encounter on the road. It’s a risky world and medical costs for those injured in an accident can be astronomical. Without high enough liability limits you could be sued. We’re experts at covering even the most complicated households with multiple vehicles, drivers of all ages, corporate cars, rental cars and we understand the importance of verifying you are getting every applicable discount.

Our clients make great decisions; they just don’t make them alone.

After a long search for a home in the Kansas City Area in 2003 I needed insurance with the right coverage but also something I could afford. It was my third home within thirteen years and has been the very best insurance experience I'd ever had. I will never change and recommend this company to any and every one looking for incredible insurance 'with heart'.

Elaine C. | Overland Park, KS


Chances are if you own it, we have a plan to protect it.

Boats and watercraft of all sizes are welcome. If you have an RV or a trailer, we can insure those too. Like you, we love jewelry and collectibles. There are many categories of items that have limitations when covered only by your homeowners policy and we have specialty policies to insure antiques, firearms, furs, fine art, silverware, collections and much more. Broader coverage and low (or no) deductibles make it especially attractive to single out important items for the best protection available. Let’s talk about the things that you love most.

Lifestyle Insurance

Disability, Life & Long Term Care Insurance

We work with you to insure your future, your loved ones, even your quality of life. Life can be interrupted, but with the right plan in place, your hopes and dreams can live on. You can erase the fear that you’ll become a burden, or that you’ll leave those you love without the financial security they need. There’s room for lots of creativity to plan based on your age, health, budget and the features that are most attractive to you.

Whether you have nothing in place, or you have benefits through work or a privately owned policy we encourage a full review every 2 to 5 years. Your need is a moving target. Looking the other way and leaving your policies on “autopilot” can mean missed opportunities, higher future premiums, or gaps in your coverage. These are your dollars and they should be spent on solutions that achieve exactly what you need.

We invite you to contact us to continue the conversation.

I most certainly will recommend you to anyone I might run across looking for long-term care and life insurance. I love your no-pressure sales approach. I know others would too.

Lisa B. | Overland Park, KS