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Business Risk

The right coverage for any size business.

Control through clarity.

If you’ve shopped for insurance you’ve likely encountered agents who copy the coverage you have now, quote their cheapest carrier and pray you will switch. At Oliver Insurance we set aside this 2 dimensional copy-quote-pray approach and create a comprehensive plan to protect what you’ve worked so hard to build.

We identify, quantify and prioritize your risks by placing them in a framework based on three broad categories and we apply five proven risk treatments.

The result is a plan that gives you clarity and control of the risks and costs you face, and an ongoing partnership to make adjustments as your needs evolve. We believe in keeping up with you on your best day and being there to help you recover on your worst.

From the home based solopreneur to the multi-million dollar business, you deserve our full attention and a customized risk management plan.

Property & Casualty

Your business is more than a collection of assets.

Your business is the future for so many people—your employees and your loved ones.

We work with you to protect your business, your property, and your people should an accident occur. But we don’t stop at your property line. We also develop a roadmap to help your business rebound or recover if that’s part of your plan.  Your business faces constant risk – from your cash flow to your competition, from the economy and even your employees.

Many home business owners make the assumption that their homeowner’s insurance covers their business. It probably doesn’t. Talk to us and find out what you need to make sure your home and your business are covered.

In my business when I need something, I need it now. Your agency is so easy to get a hold of and always gets back to me quickly. Working with you has been a great experience and you’ve all treated me so well.

John S. | Kansas City, MO

Workers Compensation

Protect your employees and your business.

Workers’ compensation provides wage replacement, medical treatment, rehabilitation, and other benefits to employees who are injured on the job.

As a business owner, you must carry workers’ compensation to protect your employees and to comply with workers’ compensation laws. It’s required, it’s expensive, but it’s also an opportunity. Because what you do to prevent accidents today can help you control the cost of risk tomorrow.

At Oliver Insurance, we help you comply and stay current with the changing state and federal regulations, control and finance the cost of work injury, and, most importantly, we help you reduce your exposure to risk before you ever have an accident.

We help you review your safety policies and procedures — including equipment maintenance, employee selection, working conditions, and more. Then we design a risk management plan to help you become more efficient, prevent accidents, control the cost of risk, and protect your business and your employees.

Professional Liability

Legal suits can be brought against professionals for errors as well as omissions in their services.

Many other causes such as breach of contract, personal injury, libel, and slander can also result in costly litigation. For some professions such as doctors and lawyers carrying malpractice coverage is required by law just to do business. For others it is highly recommended as a way to protect against the devastation a lawsuit and defense costs can wreak on your bottom line.

We offer solutions for many professionals including accountants, engineers, brokers, contractors, consultants and even those serving in the nonprofit world. Let’s discuss how you can keep your focus on your future by building this wall of protection.


Find the surety bond program to fit your needs.

The surety adds its name to the contract to guarantee the contract will be performed as written.

We help you find financially strong bond programs that match your capacity. We are your advocates, helping you collect your data and prepare your qualifying application.

Group Life & Disability

Become an employer of choice.

Providing attractive benefits is an important part of acquiring and retaining talented employees. We can assist you in implementing a Group policy that covers all full time employees. For businesses that would be stretched to pay for these additional benefits, we suggest a voluntary program. Voluntary benefits are purchased and paid for by the individual employees. Though the employer is not shouldering the cost, the employee still receives the benefit of being able to conveniently purchase a guaranteed issue policy without underwriting and paying by payroll deduction. Voluntary benefits can also be layered on top of existing group policies. In today’s increasingly busy world, many employees prefer to buy life insurance benefits through the workplace.

I have worked with the Oliver Insurance Agency for almost 20 years. The service has always been prompt and courteous.

Donna G. | Grain Valley, MO

Business Continuity

Tools to protect your business and legacy.

If tomorrow morning you arrived to find a resignation letter on your desk, who would you most fear losing? Any employee that is critical to the success of your operation should be properly covered in case of death by a Key Person Life Insurance policy. The dollars provided to the business by the death benefit can help keep operations afloat in the interim, can pay for the services of a talent recruiter, and can even pay a hiring bonus. The same Key Person could also be incentivized to stay loyal with a Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation plan.

Sole Proprietors may want to consider using a Life Insurance plan to “buy them out” in the event of their death so the value of the business can be passed on to a spouse or heirs without having to try to sell the business (which will be now be without its owner).

In situations where more than one individual owns a company, establishing and periodically evaluating a Buy-Sell agreement funded with Life Insurance can ensure the smooth transition of the company in the event of the death of a partner.

We invite you to contact us to continue the conversation.