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Our Approach to Insurance

Oliver Insurance starts with you, not with a prepackaged insurance policy.

Insurance is not a destination. At Oliver Insurance, it's a continuous process that relies on vigilant listening, counsel, and assessment—and it's just one of the tools we use to help you manage your risk.

The process we use at Oliver Insurance helps us understand your needs, your concerns, and your goals. Once we know more about you, we can develop a risk management plan to help you protect your assets, your financial future, your business, and your family - even as your circumstances change.

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We start with you, not with a prepackaged insurance policy.

At Oliver Insurance, we don't just talk about deductibles. We talk about you - your hobbies, your plans, your dreams. Whether you need personal insurance or commercial insurance, we take the time to find out who you are and where you want to go.

We develop an insurance program that meets your needs and moves you toward your goals.

We tap our vast resources to develop your strategy and design your risk management plan so that it fits your circumstances, your goals, and your risk tolerance. We want to make sure your plan protects the things that are most important to you and provides you with a roadmap for your future.

We explain your plan in terms you can understand. Our goal is to keep you in the loop, not in the dark.

We present you with options and strategies to help you fill your insurance gaps, protect your assets, secure your financial future, manage your risk, and control your costs.

We then walk you through the plan you choose and provide you with other ways to help you reduce your exposure to risk. Because we believe insurance is your castle wall, your last line of defense against life's uncertainties.


We assess your insurance program to ensure that it continues to meet and adapt to your circumstances and goals.

Our job is not finished when we deliver your insurance policy. We are your advocate, and we want to be your trusted resource. That's why we continue to stand beside you, ready to be your guide when your life circumstances change.