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During business hours
contact Janet by

After business hours
emergency contacts are

  • Keith Oliver (913) 481-4179
  • Ray Schwart (816) 392-9613
  • Bill Adams (816) 223-4024

To immediately report your claim these insurance companies provide direct claim reporting capabilities.

Company PhoneFax
America First / Liberty Mutual 877-263-7890866-445-4304
Am Trust North America  866-272-9267 
Auto Owners 888-252-4626 (24X7)816-795-6537
Cincinnati 877-242-2544877-242-3665
Continental Western 866-232-6724 
HartfordPersonal Lines:800-243-5860860-757-5687
 Commercial Lines:800-327-3636866-861-2513
 Roadside Assistance:800-322-7789 
Met Life 800-854-6011866-743-1546
Missouri Employers Mutual 800-442-0591800-442-0597
Philadelphia 800-759-4961866-341-8735
Progressive 800-274-4499 
Safeco 877-566-6001888-268-8840
 Roadside Assistance:877-ROAD101 (24X7) 
TravelersPersonal Lines:800-252-4633877-784-5329
 Commercial Lines:800-238-6225877-784-5329
Zurich 800-987-3373800-282-7538

*If you have any concerns or questions please contact us we're here to help*